Tennessee Quartz

quartz calcite fluorescing Woodbury Tennesse.

I’ve acquired another specimen from Mark at Minershop. It’s a 4 inch quartz specimen from Woodbury, TN. Mark says:

Yellow fluorescent quartz is a rarity (or any fluorescence in quartz crystals) and these are striking. In this piece transparent quartz crystals (fluorescent yellow), the yellow has two shades – bright yellow and bright mustard.  Blue/wht fluorescence is calcite we believe.


The Elmwood Zinc mine is located in the Central Tennessee Ba-F-Pb-Zn District and is famous for its calcite/fluorite specimens. This mineralization extends beyond the Elmwood mine and there are several lessor known mines producing zinc minerals and the associated fluorite and calcite.

It appears that this complex mineralogy may even extend to at lest one area where vugs are embedded in the Cannon/Fort Payne limestone (or possibly the Warsaw Formation – still researching). We found an area producing stunning yellow fluorescent quartz crystal vugs, some with white calcite, fluorite, sphalerite, galena, pyrite and even dolomite crystals. It’s probably one of the most surprising finds in middle TN. Road engineers cut into a layer of what appears to be Warsaw Formation limestone. Embedded in this limestone are numerous vugs of crystalline quartz, dolomite, fluorite, calcite, sphalerite, and probably more. Left to mother nature these vugs would eventually be exposed as geodes, having the surrounding limestone dissolved away. That same action probably would have dissolved some of the more interesting minerals, and maybe even affected the fluorescence???

It will find a home on the Eastern United States Rocks page with more info and natural and longwave images.


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