Sterling Hill Mine Sphalerite

Here’s a new specimen from the Sterling Hill Mine near Franklin New, Jersey. It’s a bright, hand sized piece of sphalerite that glows:

  • pinkish-orange under long wave ultraviolet
  • purplish-red under short wave ultraviolet
  • with an intense orange phosphorescence

The sphalerite contrasts nicely with the red glowing calcite, green glowing willemite, and the non-fluorescent franklinite.

Like most ore specimens from this locality, it’s got a satisfying helf, and is appealing under natural light, especially if you’re a geologist.

And there’s a unknown mineral that pops a bright strawberry pink under midwave ultraviolet. It doesn’t correspond to the sphalerite or calcite that glow under other wavelengths. That’s a unusual color for a mineral from this locality.

My Eastern United States page contains additional images and information about this specimen, as well as other specimens from this locality.


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