Greenland Rocks

Greenland’s fluorescent rocks offer a variety of bright color combinations. And their fluorescent minerals are rarely found anywhere else in the world.

These palm to hand sized specimens contain:

  • sodalite – reddish orange short wave, bright yellow orange long wave
  • ussingite – dull red, aqua
  • tugtupite – pinkish red
  • analcime – light blue
  • polylithionite dull yellow
  • uranyl coatings/fillings – bright green
  • unknowns – dark blue, purple

Sodalite is often tenebrescent. It’s daylight appearance will change from dull white to a  bright purple when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. If stored in the dark, the purple color fades back into dull white.

Although I’ve got rocks from Greenland, I’ve never been there. Mark Cole guided collecting tours there for awhile. I’d always hoped to go on one. But never made it.

These rocks were purchased from Mark. As beautiful and rare as they are, they’re not much compared to what Mark has collected. Fortunately they have shared their collecting adventures and their rocks.

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