Fluorescent Mineral Collection

Brightest Specimens

Medium Bright Specimens

Less Bright Specimens

Collection Notes

This collection is organized by:

  • fluorescent brightness
  • and then locale.

A few specimens are grouped by locale when they aren’t overwhelmed by brighter specimens.


The images on this page were made by a Samsung S5 smart phone camera. No kidding!

That little camera:

  • renders truer colors
  • picks up subtleties
  • isn’t overwhelmed by brighter specimens
  • doesn’t add much blue cast
  • less bright images need less editing
  • has trouble obtaining a sharp focuse

Only about 30 minutes was spent experimenting with, taking, and some minor editing on these images.

I’ve got a lot to learn with this camera.

My Canon camera makes individual specimen images with a sharp focus. But the colors require editing as the colors aren’t true with much blue caste. And for some reason, the occasional image can’t be edited to look right.

I’ve spent tens of hours experimenting with settings and editing technique before getting acceptable images with the Canon. And many hours editing images after they’re taken.

So, it’s fast and easy to get a more representative, but less sharp fluorescent image with the Samsung.