Casper Mountain Pegmatite Reclaimed

pacer pegmatite reclaimed
Another collecting site bites the dust.

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited that haunted pegmatite on Casper Mountain. But the Sheep Herder Hill fire is out. The roads are open. And it was a perfect day to take a fall drive and visit the mountain.

This old mining site was a great place to collect nondescript, but beautiful fluorescent pegmatite and serpentinite specimens.

But that’s all changed now.

  • the pit was backfilled
  • the spoil piles are gone
  • and the ground is in it’s final stages of contouring

The entire area  is about to become a smooth rolling hill with fill that will cover not only the pegmatite, but the most productive and unique serpentine contact area as well.

All that earth moving probably created some excellent collecting opportunities. But I missed them. And they are now gone forever. There are many ways to loose a collecting site. And another collecting site bites the dust.

Realtor signs have sprouted up on all the land surrounding it. I suspect reclaiming the pit was a conditional requirement for developing the land.

Who would have thought it! If the poor spirit that inhabited the place thought I was messing with it’s solitary spot. Now what? I suspect it has packed it’s bags never to return.

Here’s a few images taken before this site was reclaimed.


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